Van Colbert: 2011 Tour Schedule


Van is going on tour with Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter this summer to support the Winter’s Bone soundtrack. More details will be added to the calendar below as they become available.

Van Colbert’s 2011 Winter’s Bone US Tour Dates…

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Van Colbert plays traditional music solo and with The Colbert Brothers of Willow Springs, Missouri
For bookings contact Van Colbert – call: 417-855-9383 or email:
(Contact Marideth Sisco to book the Winter’s Bone band, “Blackberry Winter” – see below)

Check out these records…

Tales of the Hillbilly Thuglife

The Southern mountains, the Appalachians and the Ozarks, are home to many kinds of traditional music: Old World ballads, fiddle and banjo tunes, and all manner of religious songs. Van Colbert, a fine old-time singer and banjo picker from the Missouri Ozarks, has a special interest in another category of mountain songs: ballads of murder, mayhem, and hard-case perpetrators, and delivers them here with authority and authenticity. He doesn’t shy away from loaded terms like “hillbilly” and “thug-life” to describe them; wasn’t Jesse James’ six-shooter loaded as well? For better or worse, these songs are American to the core, and nobody can interpret them better than Van. — Art Rosenbaum

Winter’s Bone Soundtrack

The Winter’s Bone soundtrack is now available on CD and via digital download. Click here to hear samples from the soundtrack and purchase yours today. The soundtrack features a mix of classic standards and original songs both from and inspired by the film. The performers include everyone from the local musicians featured in WINTER’S BONE to the film’s composer Dickon Hinchliffe (formerly of Tindersticks) to an original song from actor John Hawkes (DEADWOOD, LOST.)

Winter’s Bone soundtrack band members

Listen to song samples

Watch Van play “Nine Pound Hammer” on banjo…

Bonus recording – not found on “Tales of the Hillbilly Thuglife.”

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  1. See the completed schedule of tour dates for Marideth Sisco (along with Van Colbert) and Blackberry Winter.


  2. Good idea to check on the tentative schedule. Not all the gigs have been confirmed. I keep the site updated as soon as I know details.

    Can you tell me more about this site? And how you made a connection with Van, Marideth, Blackberry Winter, Winter’s Bone?


    • The Rosenbaum family has a field-recording habit. They each have “content” coming out their ears… absolutely incredible archives of material… The quantity and diversity is fascinating. Neil married a “publisher,” so this website was inevitable once we got high-speed internet. I’ve started with the “catalog items” we’re directly responsible for distributing. I’ll add relevant “goodies” as time and knowledge allow.

      In the Ozarks, if you have anything in common with someone, you’ll eventually get thrown in the same room together. You just end up knowing folks. Van was out here fixing our garden fence one day…or maybe he’d brought firewood. He casually mentioned, “I have an album in me; its called, ‘Tales of the Hillbilly Thug-life.’” I looked at my husband; he looked at me; its been a labor of love ever since.

      We’ve been in the woods for almost 10 years now producing television and print projects for a wide variety of clients. I’ve managed to tuck in quite a few links on the Extras page. Just stuff that was handy. Creating websites is a newly acquired skill set. :) Here’s a link to a finished site for The River Centre’s 2011 Concert Series. This one for is in the development stages.

      Thanks for asking questions… I’ve been shying away from the About page.

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