WorldStrides Heritage Program Series

WorldStrides Heritage Performance Programs

This series of internet videos for WorldStrides Heritage Programs was shot in Anaheim, California. Utilizing a stock AfterEffects project and stock music helped keep production costs low.
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Sneak Peek: Banjo Tuning with Art Rosenbaum

Banjo Tuning Sampler with Art Rosenbaum

Art Rosenbaum knows over a hundred banjo tunings… He demonstrates forty of them in his new instructional DVD under development. Here is a sneak peek sampler we hope you enjoy.
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Explore our National Parks

ONSR Round Spring Cave

Round Spring and Cave is a part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Take a few minutes to see the spring and tour the cave with interpreter Bill O’Donnell in our third video for the National Park System. (Did you miss Big Spring or Alley Spring and Mill? — look inside)
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New Website for “Karst in the Ozarks”

Website for Karst in the Ozarks

Karst in the Ozarks is about caves, springs, losing streams, and sinkholes. The educational video, accompanying curriculum, and bonus materials are now permanently available for free on:
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Mother Fleeta Mitchell: 1913-2011


(by Art Rosenbaum) — Fleeta was born on February 27, 1913 in Cadwell in Laurens County, to Rev. John and Queen Echols. Mostly blind from birth, Fleeta said she could “’scern”, discern, until an accident left her totally sightless. Nonetheless she helped with chores, and learned old spirituals in her singing family. As a young child, she sang “Let Me Fly to Mount Zion” as collection was taken at church, standing on a table so she could be heard. She learned piano by ear not long afterwards.
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Karst in the Ozarks Educational Video


Karst in the Ozarks is an educational video about caves, springs, losing streams, and sinkholes. Viewers can enjoy dramatic footage of some of south central Missouri’s best-known natural features, including Grand Gulf, Big Spring, Greer Spring, Mammoth Spring, and the Jacks Fork River, plus footage of caves, rare cave creatures, bluffs, and sinkholes.

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