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music | Somewhereinthewoods Productions

Season’s Greetings from the Woods

Season's Greetings!

Everyone needs a home video…here’s ours. (Hold out for the amazing sledding snowman with The Self’s.) Thanks to Lawrence Zoernig on the cello for the soundtrack! Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!
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Sneak Peek: Banjo Tuning with Art Rosenbaum

Banjo Tuning Sampler with Art Rosenbaum

Art Rosenbaum knows over a hundred banjo tunings… He demonstrates forty of them in his new instructional DVD under development. Here is a sneak peek sampler we hope you enjoy.
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Treats from the Woods

Halloween Treats from the Woods

We’ve pulled together a few videos from our archives that you may enjoy: Van Colbert playing the traditional murder ballad, “Pretty Polly,” Mary Lomax singing one she learned as a kid, “The Devil Song,” and Packway Handle Band from a Halloween concert at the historic Georgia Theatre before it burned down.
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“Radio Lane” Song Lyrics and Music Video

Lyrics to Radio Lane by Blue Plate Special

Songwriter, Peter Stevens, was kind enough to share the lyrics to “Radio Lane” with us! You can hear the whole song in River’s Edge Resort’s new “Rock’n Rope Swing” music video. We’re fortunate to have a copy of Blue Plate Special’s album, Working Man Blues. Good luck getting your own…
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“Billy the Baptist” Video Production Photos


Producing Powder Mill’s latest music video was the usual fun-loving, warm-spirited adventure! I always find the group effort amazing… My heartiest THANKS to Scott Shipley, Michelle Crittenden and the Millbilly All Stars! Read more…

Mother Fleeta Mitchell: 1913-2011


(by Art Rosenbaum) — Fleeta was born on February 27, 1913 in Cadwell in Laurens County, to Rev. John and Queen Echols. Mostly blind from birth, Fleeta said she could “’scern”, discern, until an accident left her totally sightless. Nonetheless she helped with chores, and learned old spirituals in her singing family. As a young child, she sang “Let Me Fly to Mount Zion” as collection was taken at church, standing on a table so she could be heard. She learned piano by ear not long afterwards.
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