“Billy the Baptist” Video Production Photos


Producing Powder Mill’s latest music video was the usual fun-loving, warm-spirited adventure! I always find the group effort amazing… My heartiest THANKS to Scott Shipley, Michelle Crittenden and the Millbilly All Stars!

“Billy the Baptist” is the second video release from Powder Mill’s critically acclaimed studio album, “Money, Marbles, and Chalk”. Shot on location in the southernmost part of the band’s beloved Carter County in Missouri’s Ozark foothills, the video tells the story of a Southern Baptist preacher’s vigorous tug-o-war between living in the Spirit and living in the flesh. — Watch on PowderMillTV

Each video is a reflection of the individuals involved and resources available… the story reveals itself. “Billy the Baptist” is what it is, because it is what it is. The collective talent and contributions that came my way gave me an incredible amount of good footage to choose from. As the director, I’m fortunate to get to see every image captured… making the “final cut” isn’t easy for me to do when I have so much worthy material.

I’ve attached some production photos below… Click here to see a photo album of more of my favorites.

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Thanks for your interest!

Neil Rosenbaum

Once again, Powder Mill skewers and celebrates Southern culture in the best of ways. — Video Review of “Billy the Baptist” on JamBase

Powder Mill: Money, Marbles and Chalk

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